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Territorial Efficiency Decoration EIIR (1982-2000) Miniature Medal

Territorial Efficiency Decoration awarded in the reign of Elizabeth II from 1982-2000 Miniature Medal. 

The qualification time for the  medal is 12 years, with 2nd award bars awarded for each additional 6 years of service.

This medal is an oval skeletal badge in silver and silver-gilt with a crowned monogram of the serving monarch. The ribbon is dark blue on the left, dark green on the right and a central yellow stripe between the two. The medal is always awarded with a top bar which bears the words TERRITORIAL.

2nd award bars are available for this medal, these would be sild onto the ribbon and sit just above the medal suspension ring. The 2nd award bars are different to the top bar in design and would bear the monarchs crowned cipher in the centre. 

There have been 2 previous versions of the medal, the 1952-1969 TERRITORIAL Decoration Medal (CLICK HERE if you require this version) This was updated to the T&AVR Decoration medal from 1969-1982 (CLICK HERE if you require this version).

The TA Efficiency Decoration 1982 medal was replaced in 2000 by the Volunteer Reserve Service medal CLICK HERE if you require this miniature medal.

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