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RAF Challenge Coin
RAF Challenge Coin

Shop for collectable Royal Air Force coins for sale, introducing the NEW Challenge Coins designed and produced EXCLUSIVELY for Award Productions and available to veterans, serving personnel and collectors alike without restriction and no application is required. Each of these four 32mm coins, finished in Nickel or Gilt plating, has been enamelled with vibrant colours to complement the design and each will be delivered in a protective pouch and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

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What is a Challenge Coin?
The origin of the Challenge Coin is said to date back to WWI when a wealthy lieutenant had a small number of coins produced for his squadron. Being forced to land behind enemy lines after his aircraft was severely damaged by ground fire, a pilot from this particular squadron donned civilian attire, retaining only his challenge coin in a pouch around his neck. After a deadly trek he finally made it to a small French town where he received a very hostile reception due to the fact that many German saboteurs had been previously dressed as civilians.

Celebrate Allegiance
It was only producing his Challenge Coin that delayed his execution long enough for his identity to be confirmed. Nowadays, many groups and organisations use Challenge Coins to mark achievement and/or celebrate allegiance. Whatever the true origin may be, there is no mistaking that Challenge Coins are a fitting tribute to the history of the Armed Forces to be enjoyed by all.

If you are in receipt of our latest catalogue, you may have noticed that on the back cover, the RAF Challenge Coin artist's impression contains the RAF motto on the front of the coin which is incorrect. We apologise for this error and assure you that the correct motto "Per Ardua, Ad Astra" will appear on the actual die-struck coins.

Product Features:
Royal Air Force Version
Exclusively Designed
Available to Veterans, Serving Personnel & Collectors
Measure 32mm
Gilt Plating Finish
Free Protective Pouch
Certificate of Authenticity

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