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Rationing! [DVD]
Rationing! [DVD]

Rationing Britain Can Take It Scrapbook DVD - The British people endured rationing for 14 years. This Yesteryear Scrapbook' depicts the people's resentment of the State's control of the post-war world.

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Clothes, food, furniture and petrol were the main targets of a system of denial. See how little each person had at a time when other countries' shops heaved with food. The Yesteryear Scrapbook' Rationing Britain Can Take It is a revelation to people who have known only plenty.

Rare Pathe newsreel footage, including:
Women Protest At Bread Rationing (1946)
Harold Wilson Speaks On Clothing (1948)
Mr & Mrs O'Hare And Their 16 Children!(1950)
Motoring Back On Ration (1948)
Banana Swapped For Toy Soldiers (1947)
Eire's Abundance Of Food (1946)
and more more...

16 Original recordings, including:
Hey, Good Lookin' - Jo Stafford
Yes We Have No Bananas - Louis Prima
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts - Billy Cotton & His Band
Rags To Riches – Tony Bennett
Ration Blues - Louis Jordan
and many more...

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