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Poppy Telescopic Umbrella
Poppy Telescopic Umbrella

The telescopic umbrella with its non-conductive fibreglass and featuring the distinctive Poppy design measures 98cm diameter when opened and is just 240mm long when closed to fit comfortably in your shopping bag!

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The idea of retired Lieutenant-Colonel Graham Parker, O.B.E., was inspired to create it as a vivid reminder of Remembrance all year round.

Unique Poppy Design
The Poppy Umbrella features a unique design of the bright red poppy flower and is available in 2 popular styles which can be used all year round throughout the seasons - providing shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. Both styles are suitable for ladies or gentleman making it a perfect gift.

Product Features:
Compact, Lightweight Design
Distinctive Poppy Design
Measures 98cm (38.6") Diameter when Opened
240mm (9.5") Long when Closed
Fits comfortably in your shopping bag

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