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Military Tantalus & 2 Decanters
Military Tantalus & 2 Decanters

The name 'Tantalus' is the origin of the English word 'tantalise': there is something desirable that is always just out of that person's reach. A Tantalus, is also the term for a type of drinks decanter stand in which the bottle stoppers are firmly encased, as a means of preventing servants from stealing the master's liquor.

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Alas, such stalwarts are no more – but your finer spirits remain and once again the Tantalus comes into its own. This finely crafted wooden, mahogany finish Tantalus set measuring 10.83" wide, 5.71" deep, 12.60" high with its brass handle and hinge comes complete with two traditionally cut 24% lead crystal decanters.

FREE Engraving
This truly magnificent piece of furniture is manufactured to the highest standards and can be individually personalised to your specification. The brass plate on the front of the Tantalus can be diamond engraved with a Military crest, personal message or service details of up to 50 characters. Each of the two crystal decanters can also be diamond engraved with a personal message, Military crest and/or service details, the choice is entirely yours – you don't even have to have the same message on both decanters. Our engravers will then finish the details of your personalisation by hand in gold leaf.

This stunning presentation makes a wonderful gift that will stand the test of time – an heirloom for future generations.

N.B: We can accept orders for the Tantalus for delivery in the UK only.

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