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Royal Navy Sword Letter Opener
Royal Navy Sword Letter Opener

Make Light of Letters
The days when swords were used in battle may be long past, but Her Majesty's Navy still demands the very finest standards for those worn by its officers on ceremonial occasions; they cost £1,000 each. In these intricately detailed 1:3 scale (approx) replicas the hilt, backplate and head pommel are gold-plated alloy castings, and the blades are stainless steel. They are beautifully crafted – truly remarkable value – and also have a practical use as a very effective letter opener.

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Maximum number of characters: 40

Maximum number of characters: 50



Free Engraving & Deluxe Box
each sword measures 12" in length and the blade can be engraved with your name, rank & service number or message of your choice up to 40 characters. Your sword will come in a deluxe presentation box which can be personalised with your service details or personalised message.

Gold Plated Hilt & Back Piece
Introduced in 1872, Royal Navy swords of this design have been used in many battles and by many navies. Featuring a closed gothic gold-plated hilt and a back piece surmounted with a lion head pommel. The grip in the full-size version is stingray skin wrapped with gilt wire and the guard has a hinged side.

Product Overview:
Intricately Detailed
Gold Plated Hilt, Backplate & Head Pommel
Blades are Stainless Steel
Beautifully Crafted
Free Engraving
Free Deluxe Box
Measures 12" in Length
Lion Head Pommel
Stingray Skin Wrapped Grip
Guard has a Hinged Side

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