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Royal Navy Lapel Badge of Pride
Royal Navy Lapel Badge of Pride

Display your service to Crown and Country in elegant style with the new and exclusive Lapel Badge of Pride for occasions when you would not wear full medals. Each beautifully crafted lapel badge is made to order featuring your regiment and service ribbon colour which is mounted smartly on buckram, the same used for court mounting medals, and secured with a brooch bar to fix securely to a lapel. The ribbon colour represents dark blue for Royal Navy and Ships.

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The simple design of the Lapel Badge of Pride creates a striking and personal display of your service history and includes your choice of ship as listed below:

Ark Royal Lapel Badge, HMS Albion Lapel Badge, HMS Belfast Lapel Badge, HMS Bulwark Lapel Badge, HMS Defiance Lapel Badge, HMS Drake Lapel Badge, HMS Exeter Lapel Badge, HMS Glorious Lapel Badge, HMS Hermes Lapel Badge, HMS Hood Lapel Badge, HMS Illustrious Lapel Badge, HMS Invincible Lapel Badge, HMS Newfoundland Lapel Badge, HMS Ocean Lapel Badge, HMS Sirius Lapel Badge, HMS Vidal Lapel Badge

The Lapel Badge of Pride includes one clasp and additional clasps, up to a maximum of 5, can be added for £8.50 each. The gilt clasps are individually diamond engraved with your rank, name, number, regiment, years, locations, conflicts or other appropriate details relating to your service of up to 20 characters on each clasp.

Product Features:
Any Navy Lapel Badge
Medal Clasps
Parade Wear
Lapel Badge Engraving
Medal Service Ribbon

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