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Miniature Kings Commendation for Brave Conduct (Silver Laurel Spray)

The King's Commendation for Bravery was created to officially acknowledge worthy acts of bravery by civilians and members of the military. It can be awarded both during a time of war or peacetime. The silver spray of laurel leaves was presented for this award from 1944.

During World War I it was recognized that there was no suitable award to recognize acts of bravery by civilians such as the seamen of the Merchant Navy, so the introduction of 'Commendations' was the solution of King George V, which was initally just a certificate, and then later a small pin badge was also awarded. This system was re-introduced in 1939 by King George VI when it was officially titled 'King's Commendation for Brave Conduct'. By 1944 the small pin badge was replaced as a silver metal spray of laurel leaves which could be worn on the Defence medal, or worn on a lapel if it was not awarded with a medal.

In 1952 the honour was re-named the 'Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct'. This was re-phrased again in 1994 to the 'Queens Commendation for Bravery'.

This miniature replica spray of laurel leaves is silver in colour and has 2 pre-drilled holes at either end of the laurel spray so that it can be stitched directly onto the medal ribbon or lapel.

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