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How to Frame Your Medals

You can send your medals in to us and we will professionally mount them in one of our frames at £5.00 per medal. Alternatively, you can purchase a frame and mount the medals yourself.  Our DIY kits come with fitting instructions along with all required fittings. The medals are displayed 'off the clasp', to separate the medals distinctively and we therefore recommend only displaying medals you do not intend wearing. Please see instructions below on DIY medal framing:

DIY Medal Framing Instructions

  • Gently fold back the metal retaining clips to remove the backing board and complete mount from the frame.
  • Feed the ribbon of each medal through the pre-cut slots, adjusting them until they are level and the medals are in line and in the correct order. Affix firmly each medal to the mount using the double-sided pads provided.
  • The slots will hold the ribbons in place and for extra security, tape down the ends of the ribbons using household masking tape or Sellotape.
  • Remove protective plastic from both sides of the Perspex. To remove dust and reduce static, we recommend wiping the perspex with a damp cloth or dipping it in a mild washing up solution before rinsing with warm water.  Do not use any abrasive cloths or detergents and dry thoroughly with a clean soft cloth.
  • Return the perspex, mounts and backing board to the frame and carefully fold down the retaining clips.
  • If required, the back can be sealed using masking or brown tape to help prevent the accumulation of dust inside the frame.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist with any queries. 

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