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Britain at War 6 Disc Set [DVD]
Britain at War 6 Disc Set [DVD]

Shop for world war 2 DVDs for sale, this six DVD set includes The Story of D-Day, The Battle of Britain, Desert Battles of World War II, Fight for the Sea, British Battles of World War II, The Blitz Years 1939-1941, The Long Years 1942-1944 and The Victory Years.

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The Story of D-Day.
June 6th 1944, D-Day, codenamed "OPERATION OVERLORD" was the culmination of nearly two years of planning. It was the largest invasion force ever assembled. Over 6,800 ships, landing craft and other vessels were used to get over 130,000 men ashore onto the Normandy beaches. This incredible programme shows it all.

The Battle of Britain.
The battle fought over Britain between the 10th July and 31st October 1940 was the most important RAF battle of the entire war. Fighter Command took on the Luftwaffe units arrayed against them and won. Using newsreel footage at the time and actual footage of dogfights as the Messerschmitt ME109s took on the Spitfire, this inspirational programme documents the entire period.

Desert Battles of World War II.
The desert wastelands of North Africa provided the settings for some of the toughest fighting of the Second World War. Yet, it was here that Britain and her Allies found their early successes, first against the legions of Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini and then against the fabled Afrika Korps of Erwin Rommel. These amazing successes, particularly the victory at El Alamein in November 1942, are regarded as the turning point of the war.

Fight for the Sea.
As an island nation, Britain has relied on her navy for defence for centuries. But the Second World War was to see her pre-eminence at sea severely challenged. The battle against the German U-Boats raged throughout the war from its first days in September 1939 right to the very end in 1945. All the key elements are shown in this inspiring documentary.

British Battles of World War II.
Although British forces went into action at the very outset of the Second World War in 1939, it was not until 1940 that the land war began. But this was the beginning of a period of constant defeat. First, Norway, then the Low Countries and finally France culminating in the miraculous evacuation of what was left of British forces off the beach at Dunkirk. Fortunately it was all to change as this informative and entertaining programme documents.

The Blitz Years 1939-1941.
At the end of the long hot summer of 1939, Britain was plunged into the most brutal war ever fought. Husbands and lovers, fathers and brothers departed for the Front while at home gas masks, ARP tests, blackouts and 'put out that light' became the norm. British Pathe News has interwoven the memories of these young men and women with the newsreel of the day to create 'The Blitz Years', a lasting tribute to the spirit of the Home Front.

The Long Years 1942-1944.
As the war entered its third year, fear of the Blitz receded and people discarded their gas masks. A period of retrenchment began as Britain settled down for a long, hard slog. In 'The Long Years', British Pathe News illustrates the memories of the people. Rationing, coupons, digging for victory, land girls and home guard exercises. Everybody 'did their bit' for the war effort.

The Victory Years.
As the Allies prepared for the invasion of France, on the home front there was an invasion of a very different kind. The G.I.s had arrived, sweeping many a young girl off her feet. Then came D-Day followed by Hitler's final terror weapon, the Doodlebug. But, Britain could take it and victory in Europe was followed by victory in Japan.

Product Features:
Six DVD Set
The Story of D-Day
The Battle of Britain
Desert Battles of World War II
Fight for the Sea
British Battles of World War II
The Blitz Years 1939-1941
The Long Years 1942-1944
The Victory Years

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