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Blue Ensign Lapel Badge
Blue Ensign Lapel Badge

Shop for enamel badges made to order, proudly fly the Blue Ensign with this classic lapel badge, fitted with a secure clutch pin attachment, it can be worn with pride.

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The Blue Ensign
Prior to the reorganisation of the Royal Navy in 1864, the plain blue ensign had been the ensign of one of three squadrons of the Royal Navy, the "Blue Squadron." This changed in 1864, when an order in council provided that the Red Ensign was allocated to merchantmen, the Blue Ensign was to be the flag of ships in public service or commanded by an officer in the Royal Naval Reserve, and the White Ensign was allocated to the Navy.

Product Features:
Blue Ensign Flag
High Quality
Hard Enamelled
Secure Clutch Pin Attachment

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