There are many reasons why you may need to replace a military medal; it is possible to get a genuine replacement, but you must meet certain criteria.

In this blog, we will explain how to apply for a replacement medal and the alternative options available.

Ordering a Replacement Medal

The Ministry of Defence Medal Office will only supply a replacement medal if the original was:

  • Awarded for service after World War I
  • Destroyed, such as in the event of a flood or fire
  • Stolen from your possession

To apply for a replacement, you must complete a medal application form, write a letter to explain the circumstances in which the medal was lost or destroyed and provide a copy of a police crime report or insurance claim to prove the incident. There is more information on this process on the government website.

You can expect a response within 10 working days, which will detail if your application has been successful and the cost. It will then take around four weeks to receive the replacement medal.

Will my replacement have a medal engraving?

Yes, your replacement medal from the Ministry of Defence will be engraved with the same details as the original, such as name and regiment. It will also be labelled with the letter ‘R’ to signify that it is a replacement medal.

Replica Medals from recognised producers

If you are unable to get a replacement for the medal in question, it is possible to purchase replicas from our website.

We receive lots of requests for World War I medals, as these cannot be replaced by the Ministry of Defence.

All of the replica medals within this range are of museum quality, licenced by the Ministry of Defence and die-struck in the UK to the same exacting standards as the original. We also supply it with a loose ribbon as standard.

We also supply and produce:

Commemorative medals - We are proud to have produced and issued a large range of commemorative medals, most at the request of, or in conjunction with, a veteran group of charity.

Coronation and jubilee medals – We supply the highest quality replica medals that are licenced by the Ministry of Defence.

Campaign medals – Replacement British Campaign Medals for the British Armed Forces, Allied Forces and Civilians participating in specified military campaigns.

World War II medals – Browse our selection of replica full-size and miniature medals, including the War Medal, the Defence Medal and the 1939 – 45 Star.

General Service Medals – Here you will find replica General Service Medals from 1918 through to 2008 onwards. As well as Naval and India General Service Medals.

Visit our website to view the entire collection. If you need a replacement medal, but if you cannot find the award you looking for, please get in touch at 01952 510053, and our expert team will be more than happy to help.

Professional Medal Engraving Service

We can also personalise the medal to your requirements with our professional medal engraving service. We specialise in diamond engraving to make it that extra special. Depending on the medal, we will add your service number, rank, name, initials, and branch of service either on the medal edge or reverse.