There are several ways that military medals can be presented, from medal display boxes to wearing them on the breast of your blazer.

In this blog, we will look at each of these methods so you can preserve your military medals and ensure they are worn correctly. 

How to wear medals on a blazer and medal mounting

It is acceptable to wear military medals on civilian clothing, but there are specific rules for order of wear. 

The order is as follows: orders and decorations, campaign medals, coronation and jubilee and long service at the end of the bar. View the full list of orders here.

Official medals should always be worn on the left breast - as long as it was a medal awarded to you. 

For military medals belonging to a next of kin, it is only acceptable to wear these on the right breast of your blazer. 

We can mount medals on bars in two ways: court and swing. Swing medal mounting is a more traditional method, whereas court-mounted medals are more secure and less prone to damage. 

Wearing commemorative medals

A commemorative medal is slightly different. A dedicated company will produce this type of medal in recognition of a historic event, such as a coronation. Or to honour a particular area of service. 

The important thing to remember is that commemorative medals should not be worn alongside official medals. Instead, place commemorative medals on the left breast, below official medals and on a separate bar. It is also worth noting that serving personnel are not permitted to wear commemorative medals whilst in uniform. 

At Award Medals, we offer a medal mounting service that meets MoD standards and includes cleaning medals by hand and replacing ribbons where necessary - completed by our highly skilled in-house sewing team. 

Bespoke medal frames and display cases

Display your medals with pride within a frame or keep them safe and secure in a medal display box or case. 

Our medal boxes come in two styles. Protect your medals with a classic storage box, and opt to engrave the item with a military badge, family crest or a personal message to make it extra special. The wooden keepsake box is a practical yet aesthetic design, while our Compendium Box has a luxury cherrywood finish complete with a mirror and velvet-lined tray in the interior. 

Alternatively, choose a contemporary glass-fronted box to protect your medals while still having them on display. These are available in two sizes and a range of finishes to suit your interiors. 

Bespoke medal frames are another display option. These are entirely made to order and accommodate any number of medals. There is also the opportunity to include space for photographs and achievements to perfectly showcase the history of your - or your loved one's - career. 

We also offer more simple designs to display medals side by side. These frames are available in all types of finishes, from light oak to mahogany. 

If simplicity is your style, then a medal case may be the best option. These handsome presentation cases will keep your medals safe while not in use and can be personalised with your service number, rank, name and initials, and regiment or service. 

Browse our website to discover our full range of products and services for military medals, and if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to help!