Commemorative Military Medals are struck by reputable medal companies, usually upon request of a veteran group or charity. They differ from Official Military Medals in this respect, which are approved by His Majesty The King, or by those who reigned before him.

Each medal commemorates a historic event, for example, the King’s Coronation, or to recognise a valuable contribution, such as the National Service Medal.

Are you allowed to wear Commemorative Military Medals?

As commemorative medals are non-official, they should not be worn alongside campaign medals or gallantry decorations. Instead, they can be worn with pride, separately and distinctively. In recent times, many have opted to mount their commemorative medals on a separate bar.

For example, the National Service Medal can be worn on the left pocket, below any official awards, or on the right lapel - it can never be worn in line with official medals or on a service uniform.

Commemorative Medals by Award

We are proud to have produced and issued 35 commemorative medals in our 39 years of practice. Most have been requested or supported by a veteran group of charity, and we are delighted to have raised over £1 million from our range of commemorative medals and their associated products.

Below are some examples of our most popular products, but you can view the full range here.

Regimental Full Size Medal

This can be worn in honour of your regiment or service and proudly bears the badge of your choice upon a nickel-silver plated medallion within a gold-plated medal. The Regimental Full Size Medal can be worn by anyone who is serving or has served in any of the 19 regiments of services.

Commemorative King's Coronation Medal

In recognition of one of the most important occasions in recent history, we are proud to supply the Commemorative King's Coronation Medal. This can be worn by all veterans who have served the Crown or are serving members of the following:

  • Armed Forces
  • Emergency Services Personnel
  • Prison Service
  • Police Community Support Officers
  • Holders of the Victoria Cross and George Cross
  • Members of the Royal Household
  • Next of kin and direct descendants can also apply

The Veterans Star Medal

We have struck the Veterans Star Medal in support of the Armed Forces Charity, SSAFA. Any servicemen from the Great British or Commonwealth Forces are eligible to apply for this medal, as long as they served for a minimum period of two years.

The star-shaped medal has a polished, nickel-plated finish and features the Union Jack flag surrounded by the words “For Crown and Country”. 

National Service Medal

The National Service Medal was originally sponsored by the Royal British Legion. Anyone who performed National Service between January 1939 and December 1960, both military and civilian, is eligible to apply for this commemorative medal.

The medal proudly displays the figure of Britannia supported by a lion, accompanied by the inscription “National Service 1939 – 1960. The reverse has a laurel wreath with berries with the words “For Crown and Country”.

The National Service Act was introduced by the government on the same day that the United Kingdom declared war on Germany. It required all males between the ages of 18 to 41 to serve their country during this time. Later, in 1941, a second act was passed that saw unmarried women and widows with no children liable to serve.