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Miniature 8th Army Bar

This Miniature 8th Army Clasp was awarded for service with the 8th Army between 23 Oct 1942 and 12 May 1943. This award is controversial because Eighth Army was created in October of 1941 and fought in Africa for a year before the award service requirement. The award dates from the start of the El Alamein battle that ultimately led to the German eviction from Africa. Reportedly General Bernard Montgomery refused to allow Eighth Army soldiers who fought under his predecessor, General Auchinleck, and even his first few months of service starting in August of 1942 to wear the award.

This bar can only be worn on the WWII Africa star. On the ribbon bar this may be represented by a silver number 8 numeral. 

The miniature replica bar is gold in colour to match the medal and bears the words "8TH ARMY". The ribbon is placed through the middle of the clasp and it is slid down to sit just above the top of the medal suspension ring on the ribbon. There is no need to stitch or fix the miniature clasp in place.

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