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ACSM/DCM/MM/RN LSGC Full Size 2nd Award Bar

This silver plated 2nd award clasp can be worn on several medals to represent long reckonable service (with varying qualifying times) or for acts of bravery. The four medals it can be worn on are -  

- Accumulated service medal, both pre and post 2011

The bar is awarded for each subsequent 1080 day period. In 2011 the qualification period was reduced to 720 days for the Accumulated Service Medal. 

- Distinguished Conduct Medal 

A bar would be added to the Distingushed Conduct medal for further acts of gallantry.

- Military Medal

The bar would be awarded to the Military Medal for further acts of bravery.

- Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal 

The qualification period for the RN LSGC medal 2nd Award bar is 15 years further reckonable service.

The ribbon is placed through the bar and it sits just above the medal. There is no need to stitch the bar in place or to connect it to the medal with a metal pin.

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