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Suez Canal Zone Collection

Suez Canal Zone Collection

Wide range of Suez Canal Zone Products for sale including engraved medals, embroidered clothing and other personalised Canal Zone Gifts ideal for any special occasion.

2011 marks two important anniversaries in the history of the Suez Canal Zone and of the sacrifice made by many service men and women to stabilise this vital region in the world.

60 years ago in 1951, following the abrogation by the Egyptian government of the 1936 Anglo-Egyptian Treaty, a “Suez Emergency” was declared by Britain and troops were deployed immediately to keep the Canal open and protect British interests in the area. Around 80,000 servicemen and women were involved in the emergency at its peak and many lives were lost before a tenuous agreement was reached with Egypt in 1954.

55 years ago in 1956, ongoing hostility between British and Egyptian governments came to a head resulting in the nationalisation of the Suez Canal and the “Suez Crisis” began lasting until 1957, when the Canal was fully reopened to shipping and the British occupation of the region came to an end.

Suez Canal Zone Medals
Suez Canal Zone Medals
Suez Canal Zone Clothing
Suez Canal Zone Clothing
Suez Canal Zone Badges
Suez Canal Zone Badges
Suez Canal Zone Gifts
Suez Canal Zone Gifts
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