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Rhodesian Independence Medal

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The joint committee of the Rhodesian Army, Rhodesian Air Force and British South Africa Police (BSAP) Associations is proud to announce the striking of the Rhodesian Independence Commemorative Medal (RICM) to be worn with pride not alongside gallantry decorations, but separately and distinctively.

Rhodesian Independence
On 11 December 1979 Rhodesia ceased to exist as an independent nation yet the spirit of the people who called themselves Rhodesians lives on. Very trying times came to those living in Rhodesia between the declaration of independence on 11 November 1965 and the date when, for the first time in history, the British Government assumed control of the country under Lord Soames. Those trials were the consequence of communist sponsored armed rebellion that was soured further by the promotion of international sanctions.

Rhodesian determination under responsible government was to achieve majority rule progressively and cautiously. However, the British government yielding to African and Cold War pressures, demanded immediate majority rule. No notice was taken of Rhodesia’s warnings that a one-party government whose leaders, driven by personal greed and corruption, would destroy the country. In the face of apparently overwhelming adversity following UDI, Rhodesians fought to uphold their beliefs and an already robust Rhodesian spirit was lifted still higher bringing about the unique determination that resulted in continued economic growth for the first 12 years of Rhodesian independence.

Rhodesians were never beaten by political disappointments, sanctions or the actions of hordes of armed men. It was political duplicity that brought about the destruction of all the good that Rhodesians had achieved for all races and fought so hard to protect.

Pride & Memory of 'God’s own country'
Whilst Rhodesians are naturally bitter about the situation that eventuated, there remains a deep sense of pride for the contribution each person made, be that small or great, in creating and keeping whole the fine fabric that made the nation so unique. No matter how much Rhodesians lost, their pride and memory of ‘God’s own country’ lives on and can be publicly displayed when wearing the Rhodesian Independence Commemorative Medal.

Eligibility fot the Medal
The RICM is for all who lived in Rhodesia between 11.11.1965 and 11.12.1979 and remain proud to call themselves Rhodesians. An RICM can be purchased for the person placing the order or may be purchased by a husband, wife or child wishing to make it a gift of love and thanks. It can also be purchased for those wishing to commemorate deceased relatives.

Exclusive to Award
The RICM Committee has commissioned Award Productions to strike this distinctive, brilliant polished nickel-silver finish medal to the exacting standards for which the international medallist is renowned. The full-size (36mm) and miniature (18mm) medals come ribboned and fitted with an individual brooch ready to wear.

As a commemorative issue it stands last in the line of precedence given to Rhodesia’s official medals but ahead of any Zimbabwean item. For those who prefer to wear their existing awards and medals without adding the RICM into the cluster, the medal may be worn below and central to their existing arrangement. For those wearing only an RICM, it may be displayed on the left breast in the normal way. Those who choose to display the RICM on behalf of deceased relatives may wear it in the customary posthumous position on the right breast.

Obverse of Medal
On a polished background the obverse of the medal features an outline of Rhodesia around a snarling lion symbolising Rhodesian defiance encompassed by the words 'INDEPENDENT RHODESIA' and the dates 11.11.1965 - 11.12.1979.

Reverse of Medal
The reverse of the polished medal proudly depicts the Rhodesian Coat of Arms surrounded by fourteen stars for 14 years of Rhodesian independence.

The Medal Ribbon
The medal is suspended from a brooch, ready to wear, by a woven ribbon comprising the green and white colours of the Rhodesian flag.

This medal is supplied on a single pin ready to wear.

Available via Application
Please note that the full-size medal is only available by completing the application form below. After you have completed all of the fields and added any additional products please click on the 'Add to Basket' button to continue with your order.

Full details are required for each full-size medal applied for. If you are unsure of any of the required details below please type 'NOT KNOWN' or 'NOT APPLICABLE'.

Medal Edge Engraving
Your service number, rank, name & initials and branch of service or civilian details can be professionally engraved on the edge of the medal (please see application form).

Individually Diamond Engraved Clasps
Should you wish to include one or more clasps (3 maximum) they can be diamond engraved to show your personal military or civilian participation (e.g. RLI/RHODESIAN AIR FORCE/FIREMAN/RED CROSS/NURSE/FARMER-PRAW or years of service & participation etc.). Each clasp can be engraved with a maximum of 20 characters & spaces, is designed with secure prongs so that it can be easily fitted to the medal ribbon and comes with simple fitting instructions.

Personalised Medal Presentation Cases
The plush lined presentation case can be personalised in gold foil on the lid with the name of the medal, service number, rank, name & initials and regiment or service (military or civilian) as stated on the application form.

Medal Edge Engraving  Medal Clasp Engraving  Personalised Medal Case  Personalised Blue Presentation Case

Miniature Rhodesian Independence Commemorative Medal & Full-Size Ribbon Brooch Bar
A miniature RICM Medal can also be added to your order and is supplied mounted ready to wear as well as a full-size RICM Ribbon Brooch Bar. Please select the items your require on the application form.

RICM Medal Frame
Enjoy the splendour of your Rhodesian Independence Commemorative Medal every day, by adding the beautifully hand crafted mahogany finish wooden frame to your application. We will then supply your medal mounted in the frame with a personalised inscription on the front to ensure your framed medal is a fitting and personal tribute to your contribution for you and your family to enjoy. The traditional style frame, measuring 190x260mm (7.5"x10.25"), has a gold edge to add distinction and further enhance the medal. Each medal is individually mounted with three hand cut bevel mounts with colours carefully selected to suit and complement the medal and ribbon. 2mm float safety 'glass' protects the medal and a dust sealed back finishes the frame complete with fixing, ready for hanging (the medal is sealed in and is designed for display purposes only).

Miniature Medal  Medal Brooch Bar  Medal Frame

Applicants residing outside Europe applying on the website will NOT be charged 15% VAT (Value Added Tax) and charges will be adjusted in the checkout.

Apply for Your Rhodesian Independence Full-Size Medal using the Application Form below:
(Please Note The Details entered below should be those of the recipient of the medal)

Name and Initials:
Service Number:
Service or Regiment:
Year Service Started:
Year Service Ended:
Civilian Details
(Up to 200 Characters)
Any Additional Information
(Up to 180 Characters)

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Medal Edge Engraving  Medal Edge Engraving  Name & Initials:
Military Service Rank:
Service Number:
Service or Regiment:
Plain Blue Medal Case  Plain Blue Medal Case  -  £6.50 
Personalised Medal Case  Personalised Medal Case  Name & Initials:
Military Service Rank:
Service Number:
Service or Regiment:
Blue Presentation Case  Blue Presentation Case  -  £10.50 
Personalised Blue Presentation Case  Personalised Blue Presentation Case  Name & Initials:
Military Service Rank:
Service Number:
Service or Regiment:
Medal Frame (Frame Only)  Medal Frame (Frame Only)  Mount Inscription:
Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 1  Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 1  Clasp 1 Engraving:
Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 2  Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 2  Clasp 2 Engraving:
Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 3  Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 3  Clasp 3 Engraving:
Rhodesian Independence Miniature Medal  Rhodesian Independence Miniature Medal  -  £15.50 
Extra Full-Size Ribbon, per 15cm (6\")  Extra Full-Size Ribbon, per 15cm (6")  -  £2.50 
Extra Miniature Ribbon, per 15cm (6\")  Extra Miniature Ribbon, per 15cm (6")  -  £2.50 
Full-Size Ribbon Brooch Bar  Full-Size Ribbon Brooch Bar  -  £5.50 
Rhodesian Independence Baseball Cap  Rhodesian Independence Baseball Cap  -  £12.95 
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