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Hong Kong Service Medal

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Hong Kong Service Commemorative Medal available to all former civilian and military personnel who served for a minimum period of six months in The Crown Colony of Hong Kong to be worn with pride not alongside gallantry decorations, but separately and distinctively.

Hong Kong Service Medal
The Hong Kong Medal embraces a period of historical importance to this once far-flung segment of the British Empire. Due to the strategic geographic location enjoyed by the islands of Hong Kong it has long been of prime importance in the area known for so long as the Far East.

Annexed in 1841 by Captain Charles Elliot, RN, it grew to be the world's third largest port and an economic force to be reckoned with by the time British involvement ceased in June 1997.

Between the island of Hong Kong and the vast country of China an area of the mainland totalling about 350 square miles was leased to the United Kingdom in 1898 for a 99 year period under the Convention of Peking. This area known at the time of the agreement as 'The Emperor's Rice Bowl' now became known as the the New Territories and this land along with the island of Hong Kong and its surrounding 235 islands would be known as The Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

Throughout this long and often turbulent history the Colony required the constant input of civil servants to oversee the administration and legal aspects of the area. In addition to this ongoing integration of British personnel a sustained presence of armed forces ensured the monitoring of the thousands of miles of coastline and the 22 miles of contiguous land border with China. It is to mark such service both civil and military that the Hong Kong Service Medal was introduced.

Available to all former civil and military personnel who served for a minimum period of six months in The Crown Colony of Hong Kong, in addition eligibility is extended to include next of kin and direct descendants.

The Medal
The obverse of the medal features a symbolic Bird of Paradise delicately modelled with all its fine detail frosted on a mirror polished background. Surrounding the design are the words Hong Kong Service Medal with the dates 1841 - 1997 denoting the period Hong Kong was 'The Crown Colony of Hong Kong'. The reverse also has a brilliant polished background and carries the central feature of Hong Kong written in Cantonese. The golden appearance of the medal giving prestige and a most appropriate commemorative significance to service in the ' Fragrant Harbour'. The blue of the Ribbon represents the waters, channels and the seas surrounding Hong Kong and the New Territories with the centre Golden Yellow stripe representing the rich and strategic 'Jewel in the Crown'. The exclusively designed woven medal ribbon is fitted to a uniquely designed medal suspender, which features two powerful inter-twined dragons 'guarding the Colony'.

Please note that the full-size medal is only available by completing the application form below. After you have completed all of the fields and added any additional products please click on the 'Add to Basket' button to continue with your order.

Full details are required for each full-size medal applied for. If you are unsure of any of the required details below please type 'NOT KNOWN' or 'NOT APPLICABLE'.

Medal Edge Engraving
Your service number, rank, name & initials and regiment or service can be professionally diamond engraved on the edge of your Hong Kong Service Medal making it an even more personal and precious heirloom.

Individually Engraved Clasps
The individually engraved, gilt clasps, specifically designed to match the finish of this medal to highlight the details of your service are suitable for fitting to the medal ribbon (we recommend no more than three clasps are fitted to The Hong Kong Service Medal).

Medal Presentation Cases
Store your Hong Kong Medal in the plush lined Medal Presentation Case which can de personalised with your service details.

Medal Edge Engraving  Medal Clasp Engraving  Personalised Medal Case  Personalised Blue Presentation Case

Ribbon Brooch Bar & Hong Kong Service Tie
As well as a matching Hong Kong Service Ribbon Brooch Bar, your can also select an easycare 100% polyester tie which has been tastefully designed with stripes matching the Hong Kong Service ribbon. Please select the items your require on the application form below along with your personalisation details

This medal is supplied on a single pin ready to wear.

Miniature Medal  Medal Brooch Bar  Medal Tie  Medal Frame (Frame Only)

Miniature Hong Kong Service Medal
A miniature Hong Kong Service Medal can also be added to your order and is supplied mounted ready to wear.

Apply for a Hong Kong Service Full-Size Medal using the Application Form below:
(Please Note The Details entered below should be those of the recipient of the medal)

Name and Initials:
Service Number:
Service or Regiment:
Year Service Started:
Year Service Ended:
Year Hong Kong Service Started:
Year Hong Kong Service Ended:
Any Additional Information
(Up to 180 Characters)

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Medal Edge Engraving  Medal Edge Engraving  Name & Initials:
Service or Regiment:
Service Number:
Military Service Rank:
Plain Blue Medal Case  Plain Blue Medal Case  -  6.50 
Personalised Medal Case  Personalised Medal Case  Name & Initials:
Service or Regiment:
Service Number:
Military Service Rank:
Blue Presentation Case  Blue Presentation Case  -  10.50 
Personalised Blue Presentation Case  Personalised Blue Presentation Case  Name & Initials:
Service or Regiment:
Service Number:
Military Service Rank:
Gilt Finish Medal Clasp 1  Gilt Finish Medal Clasp 1  Clasp 1 Engraving:
Gilt Finish Medal Clasp 2  Gilt Finish Medal Clasp 2  Clasp 2 Engraving:
Gilt Finish Medal Clasp 3  Gilt Finish Medal Clasp 3  Clasp 3 Engraving:
Hong Kong Service Miniature Medal  Hong Kong Service Miniature Medal  -  15.50 
Extra Full-Size Ribbon, per 15cm (6\")  Extra Full-Size Ribbon, per 15cm (6")  -  2.50 
Extra Miniature Ribbon, per 15cm (6\")  Extra Miniature Ribbon, per 15cm (6")  -  2.50 
Full-Size Ribbon Brooch Bar  Full-Size Ribbon Brooch Bar  -  5.50 
Hong Kong Service Tie  Hong Kong Service Tie  -  16.50 
Hong Kong Service Baseball Cap  Hong Kong Service Baseball Cap  -  12.95 
Medal Frame (Frame Only)  Medal Frame (Frame Only)  Mount Inscription:
Hong Kong Service Beanie Hat  Hong Kong Service Beanie Hat  -  5.95 
Hong Kong Service Enamelled Cufflinks  Hong Kong Service Enamelled Cufflinks  -  19.95 
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