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  02/22/2018 | 01:35
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Commemorative Diamond Jubilee Medal Set

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The Commemorative Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal has been struck to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the reign of the Monarch of our great nation. Award Productions are delighted to offer this exclusive Commemorative Medal Presentation Set featuring a genuine full-size and miniature Diamond Jubilee Medal and matching ribbon brooch bar elegantly displayed in this attractive case which will be personalised with your service number, rank, name, initials and regiment or service or any message.

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Diamond Jubilee Medal Diamond Jubilee Medal

Available to all those who have served Queen and Country from 6th February 1952, the date Elizabeth II ascended to the throne, or those who are currently serving members of the Armed Forces, Emergency Services personnel (paid, retained or voluntary), Prison Service, Police Community Support Officers, holders of the Victoria Cross and George Cross and members of the Royal Household. Next of kin and direct descendants may also apply. The miniature medal and all other items are available without restriction. The Government of the United Kingdom will be striking an official medal which will be issued to eligible serving personnel only. Many deserving individuals will not be eligible to the official issue including all those who are no longer serving. As this is a commemorative and not official issue, it is to be worn with pride not alongside gallantry decorations, but separately and distinctively.

Medal Application Form
For an additional charge we can also engrave your service details on the reverse of the full-size medal. As this presentation set features a genuine full-size medal, it is only available by completing the application form below.

Product Features:
Full Size Medal
Miniature Medal
Ribbon Brooch Bar
Personalised Presentation Case

Black Presentation Set  Black Presentation Set

Full details are required for each medal set applied for. If you are unsure of any of the required details below please type 'NOT KNOWN' or 'NOT APPLICABLE'.

Service or Regiment:
Name and Initials:
Service Number:
Year Service Started:
Year Service Ended:
Any Additional Information
(Up to 180 Characters)
Medal Back Engraving Required?:

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"Just a very wonderful response to my request to speed up the medal for the Merchant Navy for my old pal. He is delighted: - many thanks for your rapid response."
J A Clark

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