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Cold War Medal

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Cold War Commemorative Medal available to those who served during the Cold War 1945-1991, their next of kin or direct descendants to be worn with pride not alongside gallantry decorations, but separately and distinctively.

The Cold War was the period of confrontation and tension between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies from 1945 to 1991. 'From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the continent' as quoted by Winston Churchill. About to begin was Britain's most expensive and turbulent period of military history. The commemorative Cold War Medal is available to those who served during the Cold War 1945-1991, their next of kin or direct descendants.

The Cold War Medal
The obverse of the medal comprises the flags of the three main players in the Cold War the Soviet Union being contained by the United States and the UK showing the dates 1945-1991. The reverse features the Russian Bear clutching a missile which is symbolic of the USSR stand-off, confronted by the Lion representing the forces of the United Kingdom and its allies.

The Eagle of the United States completes the combined opposition to the Soviet Union at the time of the Cold War. The ribbon has a configuration similar to that commonly used on Soviet medal ribbons with the red white and blue on the left edge representing the allies and the bright red of the Soviet flag on the right.

Please note that the full-size medal is only available by completing the application form below. After you have completed all of the fields and added any additional products please click on the 'Add to Basket' button to continue with your order.

Full details are required for each full-size medal applied for. If you are unsure of any of the required details below please type 'NOT KNOWN' or 'NOT APPLICABLE'.

Medal Edge Engraving
Your service number, rank, name & initials and regiment or service can be professionally diamond engraved on the edge of your Cold War Medal making it an even more personal and precious heirloom.

Individually Engraved Clasps
The individually engraved, nickel clasps, specifically designed to match the finish of this medal to highlight the details of your service are suitable for fitting to the medal ribbon (we recommend no more than three clasps are fitted to The Cold War Medal).

Medal Presentation Cases
Store your Cold War Medal in the plush lined Medal Presentation Case which can de personalised with your service details.

Medal Edge Engraving  Medal Clasp Engraving  Personalised Medal Case  Personalised Blue Presentation Case

Miniature Cold War Medal
A miniature Cold War Medal can also be added to your order and is supplied mounted ready to wear.

Ribbon Brooch Bar & Cold War Tie
As well as a matching Cold War Ribbon Brooch Bar, your can also select an easycare 100% polyester tie which has been tastefully designed with stripes matching the Cold War ribbon. Please select the items your require on the application form below along with your personalisation details

This medal is supplied on a single pin ready to wear.

Miniature Medal  Medal Brooch Bar  Medal Tie  Medal Frame (Frame Only)

Apply for a Cold War Full-Size Medal using the Application Form below:
(Please Note The Details entered below should be those of the recipient of the medal)

Name and Initials:
Service Number:
Service or Regiment:
Year Service Started:
Year Service Ended:
Any Additional Information
(Up to 180 Characters)

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Medal Edge Engraving  Medal Edge Engraving  Name & Initials:
Service Number:
Military Service Rank:
Service or Regiment:
Plain Blue Medal Case  Plain Blue Medal Case  -  6.50 
Personalised Medal Case  Personalised Medal Case  Name & Initials:
Service Number:
Military Service Rank:
Service or Regiment:
Blue Presentation Case  Blue Presentation Case  -  10.50 
Personalised Blue Presentation Case  Personalised Blue Presentation Case  Name & Initials:
Service Number:
Military Service Rank:
Service or Regiment:
Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 1  Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 1  Clasp 1 Engraving:
Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 2  Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 2  Clasp 2 Engraving:
Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 3  Nickel Finish Medal Clasp 3  Clasp 3 Engraving:
Cold War Miniature Medal  Cold War Miniature Medal  -  15.50 
Extra Full-Size Ribbon, per 15cm (6\")  Extra Full-Size Ribbon, per 15cm (6")  -  2.50 
Extra Miniature Ribbon, per 15cm (6\")  Extra Miniature Ribbon, per 15cm (6")  -  2.50 
Full-Size Ribbon Brooch Bar  Full-Size Ribbon Brooch Bar  -  5.50 
Cold War Medal Tie  Cold War Medal Tie  -  16.50 
Cold War Silver Plated Lapel Pin  Cold War Silver Plated Lapel Pin  -  5.50 
Cold War Silver Plated Cufflinks  Cold War Silver Plated Cufflinks  -  29.95 
Medal Frame (Frame Only)  Medal Frame (Frame Only)  Mount Inscription:
Cold War Silver Plated Key Fob  Cold War Silver Plated Key Fob  -  9.95 
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